Making Dental Cleanings and Checkups Easier On Moms

Avoid the time commitment and stress that comes with dental visits for your kids, with Dr. Larsen’s Family Days.

Few things are as exhausting, draining and stressful as motherhood. It’s not only a ton of work that never ends, but at the same time your care about your children a lot and want to give them the best of everything, so you never give half an effort.

Healthy children is at the top of a mother’s concerns. As an experienced dental team in Utah, we know that no mother wants their child to suffer with toothaches, cavities, alignment issues, etc. But taking the right precautions for your children’s oral health can be very difficult. Sugar is so abundant in our country and in Utah, that child tooth decay is more common than it has ever been. Parents try to teach good brushing and flossing habits, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

Regular dental cleanings and checkups are very important for keeping your child healthy. But when a mother of multiple children thinks about trying to schedule multiple dental visits, shuttling kids from school to the dentist’s office and back, and all the other battles required to get children to not be angry about a trip the dentist’s, that mother might just put it off.

That’s why we at Dr. Larsen’s office decided to have regular Family Days, where we open up multiple chairs for cleanings. We can get a whole family of children in and out of the office faster than you ever thought possible, with cleaned teeth and a thorough exam.

We do this because we’re a part of our community, and we want to help out all the moms who are super busy and stressed out. We want to make sure your children’s oral health is good, but without sacrificing a ton of time, and your sanity.

Get all the kid’s teeth cleaned and checked, and still make it to soccer practice!

Note: We don’t do fillings or crowns on Family Days, just cleanings and checkups.