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Million Dollar Smile

My experience with Zoom! Teeth Whitening

By Allyson, of Alpine, Utah

When you want the best smile in the state, you head to Dr Garon Larsen, DDS, or so I’d heard. I’d even seen some of Dr Larsen’s work and thought the resulting smiles were beautiful. I wanted to have one of them.

Years ago, I had done in-home whitening and remember how many compliments I received. I remember feeling so pretty with a bright, white smile, and found myself smiling more, to show it off. With bright, white teeth, I felt young, fresh, and “alive!” Over the years, my teeth began to lose that pretty sparkle. My face didn’t seem to light up anymore, with that “wow” factor…I began to feel my age. Call it vanity, call it desperation, but just after my 43rd birthday, I decided to fight it head on. I scheduled my appointment for Zoom!

The day finally arrived. I showed up early for my appointment, and was briefed by the hygienist. She said there may be some sensitivity, and that they wanted to be on top of that, so she gave me a few ibuprofen, and I hopped into the chair.

What seemed only a few minutes later, the teeth were prepped, the mouth was stretched open with a crazy-big retractor, and the cool light-blocking shades were on. We were off and running!

There were three 15-minute sessions with the blue light. It was so peaceful and relaxing, that I had to force myself to stay awake, so my mouth didn’t roll away from the light. I felt one slight “zinging” sensation toward the very end of the third session, but other than that, no pain.

Then for the big moment, the big reveal. When they handed me the mirror, I could not believe it. They told me my teeth had lightened 5 shades. It was pretty incredible. They were so white. Talk about a million dollar smile! I was overjoyed. I feel like it took 10+ years off.

Dr. Larsen recommended taking another 4 ibuprofen that evening, to stay on top of any sensitivity, and to avoid eating anything that would stain a white T-shirt. I followed his instructions, completely. I had only minor sensitivity to cold, with a couple more “zingers” throughout that night. Nothing the ibuprofen didn’t quell.

So, you ask, is it worth it?

Unequivocally, yes! I love it. I am so glad I did it. I just feel better. Once again, I find myself smiling more! Not sure what it is about a white smile, but it really does light up a room, and make you feel better. I feel 30 again. Depending where you are, for a few hundred dollars, and about an hour, you will feel like a new woman. And the cool thing, it lasts about a year. We as women need to stop, take some time for ourselves, and just feel pretty.” I highly encourage Zoom whitening.